Getting Past Your Dental Fears And Learning About Technology

Several years ago I decided to take a trip to the dentist after skipping multiple appointments for over 15 years. I truly had a dental anxiety and had a hard time getting over my fears. Thankfully, my dental visit went smoothly with only four cavities identified. What I did find from this dental visit was that there was a great deal of new information and technology that I had been missing out on. Laser-based technology and digital imaging are just a few examples. With this blog, I want you to understand that you can get over your fears and learn about this new technology like I did, so enjoy the information.

Your Child And Dentistry

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You want to make sure you keep your child's teeth as healthy as possible, even their first set of teeth! You also want to get them used to going to the dentist and help them have stress-free visits. The information here is going to provide you with information on taking care of those little choppers and creating good dental visits.

When to worry about your child's teeth

You always want to worry about your child's teeth. However, it is usually enough to make sure they are properly brushed a couple of times a day and that your child's eating habits are conducive with healthy teeth. Aside from routine oral care, there will be other times you should be concerned.

  • If you start to notice that there are dark spots or holes in your child's teeth, you want to take them in for possible cavity treatment.
  • If you see that one of their adult teeth appears to be coming in around a baby tooth that has not come out yet, then they should get in to see the dentist while this can still be an easy fix.
  • If your child's adult teeth are coming in and they appear to be spaced quite far apart, then a visit to the dentist is a good idea, as they may determine whether your child should be sent to an orthodontist.
  • If your child starts to complain they are having toothaches, then bring them in to see the dentist. Typically, a toothache in a child is from a cavity or a bothersome loose tooth. However, there can be other reasons, such as an abscessed tooth, a broken tooth with an exposed nerve, or other issues. All of these things can be taken care of with a trip to their dentist.
  • If your child starts to have bad breath on a regular basis, then this can also indicate a possible cavity, an infection or another issue. The dentist will be the person to give you the answers and treat the problem.

Making dental visits a positive thing

There are a lot of things you can do to ensure your child maintains a positive relationship with their dentist.

  • Make appointments first thing in the morning or after lunch, so they don't get bored from long waiting periods in the waiting room.
  • Don't allow others to tell your child about their negative experiences. If your child hears nothing but positive stories from those they trust, such as the adults in their life, then there will be much less risk of them developing a fear of the dentist.
  • Get them interested in dentistry. When a child gets interested in a subject, they will tend to look at it in a positive way and even want to be exposed to those things (such as dentistry) more, so they can learn more. Get them books on dentistry, show them interesting videos made for children, and tell them interesting dental facts. You can learn a lot of facts online for free.

Talk to your local dentist for more information about pediatric dentistry


19 March 2018