Getting Past Your Dental Fears And Learning About Technology

Several years ago I decided to take a trip to the dentist after skipping multiple appointments for over 15 years. I truly had a dental anxiety and had a hard time getting over my fears. Thankfully, my dental visit went smoothly with only four cavities identified. What I did find from this dental visit was that there was a great deal of new information and technology that I had been missing out on. Laser-based technology and digital imaging are just a few examples. With this blog, I want you to understand that you can get over your fears and learn about this new technology like I did, so enjoy the information.

3 Easy Ways To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

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It is very difficult to feel confident about your teeth when they look yellow or otherwise discolored. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of very affordable ways that you can whiten your teeth naturally. 

1) Stay Away From Coffee, Tea, and Dark Colas

Coffee, tea, and dark colas all have a tendency to stain your teeth due to the darker pigment in them. Staying away from them is certainly one of the easiest ways to brighten your smile. You may want to consider swapping these beverages out for water. Not only is it much better for your teeth but you will also be doing your waistline a big favor! This is due to the fact that many sodas and mixed coffee drinks tend to be very high in calories. This is especially true if you have a tendency to drink at least a few of these each day.

2) Eat Crunchy Veggies 

Eating crunchy vegetables such as celery, carrot sticks, and raw broccoli is an excellent way to whiten your teeth. You could even say that they are like nature's toothbrush! All the crunching you have to do to eat them increases the amount of saliva in your mouth. This helps to naturally cleanse your teeth. 

3) Brush With Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide 

Try adding a little baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to your oral hygiene regimen. These two ingredients work extremely well to naturally whiten teeth. All you need to do is mix approximately two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide together. You will then apply this mixture to your teeth with your toothbrush. Leave it on for about one minute or so and then go ahead and rinse. You will want to be sure to use this homemade baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste no more than two or three times a week. The reason for this is that if you use baking soda too frequently, it can cause your teeth to experience increased sensitivity. 

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist can also definitely help. Check out resources such as for more information about teeth whitening.

It is certainly not easy to feel good about your appearance if you don't feel good about your teeth. You may even find yourself hiding from cameras and being very reluctant to smile in photos. Luckily, trying even just one or two of these tips should help you get the whiter brighter smile that you have always dreamed of having! 


6 September 2018