Getting Past Your Dental Fears And Learning About Technology

Several years ago I decided to take a trip to the dentist after skipping multiple appointments for over 15 years. I truly had a dental anxiety and had a hard time getting over my fears. Thankfully, my dental visit went smoothly with only four cavities identified. What I did find from this dental visit was that there was a great deal of new information and technology that I had been missing out on. Laser-based technology and digital imaging are just a few examples. With this blog, I want you to understand that you can get over your fears and learn about this new technology like I did, so enjoy the information.

3 Things To Know About Laser Periodontal Therapy

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Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a major issue for millions of Americans. Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth, mainly the gums, that can eventually lead to tooth loss. This condition can be painful and often involves bleeding gums, recessed gum tissue, and other issues. Approximately half of all American adults suffer from periodontal disease. The good news is that this condition is treatable. One of these treatments is laser periodontal therapy. Here are three things that you should know about this treatment for periodontal disease.

How It Works

The first thing that you should know is how the procedure itself works. The dentist uses a laser to remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. Then a process called root scaling can be done which involves scraping the plaque off from around the tooth root and any other areas that were below the gum line. Laser periodontal therapy is less invasive than gum flap surgery and allows for more precise removal of infected gum tissue and plaque. 

Multiple Treatments May Be Needed

Another thing that you should be aware of when it comes to laser periodontal therapy is that multiple treatments may be required. Periodontal disease can be a challenge to treat. Laser therapy may be required multiple times. You may also find that you require other treatments for your periodontal disease in addition to laser therapy. How much treatment you require will depend on the extent of your periodontal disease and your dentist's recommendations. Of course, it's important to maintain proper oral hygiene and to treat the signs of gum disease as soon as they begin to appear.

The Cost

The cost of laser periodontal therapy must also be taken into consideration. Costs can vary greatly depending on the extent of your gum disease and the rates of your dentist. If you have severe periodontal disease, chances are that your treatment will be more expensive. The good news is that most dental insurance policies will cover at least some of your treatment. The overall cost of laser periodontal therapy can be difficult to pin down. Before getting treatment, it's important to discuss costs with a dentist like Piotrowski  Bradley T DDS MS d LLC. The total cost of treating periodontal disease can be as little as $500 or as much as $10,000 depending on your needs.

Periodontal disease is something that impacts millions. If you suffer from this condition, laser periodontal therapy may be able to help. However, there are some things that you should know. First, you should know how it works and whether or not it's the right treatment for you. You may need multiple treatments in order to get your gums back into healthy condition. Costs can also vary depending on the extent of your gum disease and your dentist. 


6 September 2018