Getting Past Your Dental Fears And Learning About Technology

Several years ago I decided to take a trip to the dentist after skipping multiple appointments for over 15 years. I truly had a dental anxiety and had a hard time getting over my fears. Thankfully, my dental visit went smoothly with only four cavities identified. What I did find from this dental visit was that there was a great deal of new information and technology that I had been missing out on. Laser-based technology and digital imaging are just a few examples. With this blog, I want you to understand that you can get over your fears and learn about this new technology like I did, so enjoy the information.

What Factors Make You a Good Candidate for Same-Day Dentures?

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Denture technology has progressed substantially over the past few years. Because of that, you can now get natural-looking dentures in just one day or one dental visit. If you want to fill a gap in your smile or you are about to have some teeth extracted, same-day dentures might be right for you.

Not everyone is a good candidate for same-day dentures. Read on to find out if immediate dentures are the right choice for you.

A Full-mouth extraction

Same-day dentures can help your gums to heal after a full-mouth extraction. This is because immediate dentures act like bandages to cover the extraction sites left behind after multiple extractions. Immediate dentures cover the wounds to speed up healing, keep the wounds clean, and keep bacteria away from the wounds.

You might also want to choose same-day dentures if you meet people regularly, such as at work or at social functions. Although same-day dentures are temporary and aren't as well-fitting or attractive as permanent dentures, they are better than no teeth for smiling, speaking, and eating.

The extraction of teeth in the smile zone

If you are about to have teeth extracted in the smile zone — the zone that is most visible when you smile —then an immediate denture will hide the gaps. Once the extraction sites and your jawbone have healed, which could take several months; your dentist will place a permanent denture.

A good healing factor

If you have any medical conditions that affect your ability to heal well, you might not be suitable for immediate dentures. Additionally, if you have a strong gag reflex, an immediate denture may trigger that reflex, affecting your comfort and your mouth's ability to heal itself while you wear the denture.

A sufficient jawbone density

After tooth loss, the jawbone deteriorates steadily. This is a natural process, whereby the body naturally resorbs the unused jawbone. Jawbone loss also occurs in patients that suffer from gum disease, which attacks both gum and bone tissue. If you don't have enough jawbone density, then your mouth won't be able to support dentures.

You can undergo bone grafting to restore lost bone for future placement of dentures or dental implants, but the healing period of bone grafts is several months.

A disciplined approach to oral hygiene and dental care

If you are a disciplined person that takes oral hygiene and dental care seriously, then immediate dentures are likely right for you. Discipline is important because you'll need to wear your dentures for at least the first 24 hours to ensure that your gums heal well. You'll also need to clean your dentures thoroughly in the future to keep them clean and free of bacteria.

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28 September 2022