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Several years ago I decided to take a trip to the dentist after skipping multiple appointments for over 15 years. I truly had a dental anxiety and had a hard time getting over my fears. Thankfully, my dental visit went smoothly with only four cavities identified. What I did find from this dental visit was that there was a great deal of new information and technology that I had been missing out on. Laser-based technology and digital imaging are just a few examples. With this blog, I want you to understand that you can get over your fears and learn about this new technology like I did, so enjoy the information.

When You Should Use Emergency Dentistry

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Whether it’s a toothache or a broken tooth, dental emergencies can be a scary and painful experience. Unfortunately, emergencies don't always happen during regular business hours. That’s why emergency dental clinics exist, to provide prompt treatment and care even after hours and on weekends. But how do you know when to use emergency dentistry?

Severe Toothache
A toothache can range from mild sensitivity to persistent throbbing pain. While you may be able to manage the pain using over-the-counter pain relievers, it’s important to see a dentist if the pain becomes severe. A severe toothache could be a sign of a tooth infection, which, if left untreated, could lead to more serious dental problems.

Broken Teeth
A chipped or broken tooth can cause severe pain and discomfort. If a tooth is broken due to a fall or injury, it’s important to seek emergency dental attention immediately. A broken tooth can expose the nerves of your teeth, causing extreme pain and sensitivity.

Loosened Teeth
A knocked-out tooth or a loosened tooth due to an accident can also be classified as a dental emergency. If you experience any trauma to your teeth or mouth, it’s important to see a dentist right away, as there’s a much better chance of saving the tooth. Time is of the essence, and you may have only a few hours to save a tooth that has been knocked out.

Abscessed Tooth
An abscessed tooth is a severe dental infection that can occur in the root of a tooth. Symptoms of an abscessed tooth could include fever, swelling, and severe pain. If left untreated, the infection could spread to other parts of your body. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek emergency dental attention immediately.

Broken Braces or Wires
If you're wearing braces, any damage to them can be just as uncomfortable. Broken bands, brackets, or wires can cause extreme pain and can be dangerous if left untreated. If you experience any issues with your braces, visit an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible for a fix.

Dental emergencies can be a frightening experience. It's essential to determine whether the situation requires emergency dental attention or if it can wait until regular business hours. In general, if you're experiencing severe pain, swelling, or infection, it's best to seek immediate emergency dental attention. If you're unsure whether the situation is an emergency, call your dentist or an emergency dental clinic to determine the next steps. 

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1 February 2024