3 Important Advantages Of Using Clear Aligners When Straightening Your Teeth

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Who doesn't want straight teeth? They can impact your life in so many ways both personally and professionally. If your teeth are crooked and you're looking for an effective treatment, consider clear aligners like Invisalign. They come with the following advantages.  Clear Design  Traditional braces are perfectly fine in terms of straightening teeth, but they are pretty noticeable. When you go to smile, they sort of stick out and could potentially make you self-conscious about smiling.

2 May 2019

Should You Use Dental Implant Technology To Restore Your Teeth?

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Dental implant technology is used to replace missing teeth. While you can choose bridges or dentures instead, dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. Implant technology is also used to create attachment points if you want a set of dentures that can be attached to your mouth without using denture cream. With so many options available to dentists, it's useful to know what you can do to restore your missing teeth.

30 March 2019

Common Characteristics Of Wonderful Pediatric Dentists

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You may have a wonderful pediatric dentist for your children. That being said, how can you really be sure? Just because you have someone that you like, could there be someone else out there who could do a better job? Unless you have gone to several different offices, you may have no idea what practices should be common courtesies, and which office procedures really set a pediatric dentist apart from the crowd.

6 March 2019

3 Mistakes To Avoid After Your Tooth Extraction

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When you have a tooth extracted, the blood clot that forms inside the socket helps to protect the area while it heals and prevent exposure to bacteria that could lead to an abscess. However, if this clot is dislodged and falls out, it can lead to a dry socket that can cause you severe pain and increase your risk of infection. After your extraction, avoid making the following mistakes that could cause a dry socket.

25 January 2019

Why Root Canals Should Be Scheduled As Soon As Possible

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If you have started experiencing some tooth pain and notice that the discomfort radiates through the jaw, then you may have a dental infection. Infections can often be treated with root canal therapy. However, some people are simply scared of the treatment and wait some time before making a dental appointment. There are a few reasons why this is problematic. Keep reading to learn why. An Extraction May Be Needed

7 January 2019

Tips For Reversing Gum Disease

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When your dentist sees that your gums are bleeding, swelling, or receding, he or she might diagnose this condition as gingivitis. Gingivitis is gum disease, but it is only the first stage of gum disease. If you have this, you could either leave it alone and do nothing, which will only cause it to worsen, or you could take steps to reverse the problems with your gums. If you would like to stop your gum disease from worsening, here are some tips that may help you reverse it.

3 December 2018

Should You Help Your Child Lose Their Loose Baby Tooth?

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Having a loose tooth can make a child wild, and many parents remember their own parents helping them when they were little with this issue. While it may be what your parents did, that doesn't mean that it's appropriate. Here's why you shouldn't help your child yourself when their baby tooth is on the verge of falling out. The Problem With Helping There were lots of methods for parents helping their children when a tooth wouldn't come loose.

5 November 2018